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Nothing Is Under Control

by Crowsnest

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Taylor Kempinski
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Taylor Kempinski Great album once you start listening, it's hard to stop. Guitar work on Planet Zero is absolutely beautiful. Favorite track: iQiot.
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iQiot 03:11
Turn me inside out Replace what's left Stay away from me I will always be iQiot It gets cold Throw my mind in one big hole Who's left? Control? I lost that long ago Do you believe? Do you believe in me? As nothing comes to turns Do we go back, or do we try to learn? Today, tomorrow, tomorrow, today No way I'll be living this same old way Over and over and over again I'll never get used to this fucked up brain Oh you sick human being How low can you sink? The pills are ready to drop I'll just sit back and relax, waiting for the end I don't know how my thoughts are shaped What do you believe? Do you believe in me? As nothing comes to turns Do we go back or do we try to learn? What do you believe? I believe in me Do you believe? Do you believe in me? With nothing left to learn Do we go back, or do we try to turn?
Blackbird 03:47
Without saying goodbye to anyone Without anyone detecting your escape Stay strong, keep your shoulders back Hold on, there's no need to be going back No reason to go back Keep it up, keep it up Keep your face above ground Crown the crow I'm not better than anybody else but Proven actions brings character, bitch I'm no worse than any other man, no I've got them keys to your handcuffs It takes strength and courage to go your own way So fuck what people say There's a first time for everything Now break those chains Blackbird Poor and misunderstood You're in the crow neighbourhood So fuck what people say I'd rather be dead than obey Self-destructive thoughts are haunting me I've tried to set myself free I know what's taunting me What do you think? It's worth a try It's up to you to take the step away Don't hesitate there's no time to waste If you fuck up at least it was on your own day As we try, as we speak, as we live our lives Don't fill your heart with nothing but lies We are but flies circling one big shit You can try but you will never lose of the smell of it
In Chains 03:52
Are we animals, are we some kind of doors? Do we need to open up everything? I remain alone, covered in lies Don't make me bleed Just woke up in the dark With my lonely heart Any day is as black as the night Hope is destroyed, no more faith I am lost, I can see no end Only memories can break in chains No regrets only secrets of the past Looking at the world in front of me Can't say it's where I wanna be Some people have forgotten what it's all about We're running round in circles Everything's so true to life when you're not living We're running round in circles Too alive to ever sleep Too deep in dreams to wake up
Lucid Eyes 03:21
I have seen these lies through my own eyes I stocked up on ropes and flies Memories of breaking free How did it use to be? And how are things now? I remember nothing at all It's like I have just one last call But I can't and I won't let go But I will, no I don't, well I don't know I'm a broken man doing what I love My life is like one big flood Trapped under water, I'm drowning inside I wanna know how it feels to be alive Do you know how it feels? Do you know what it taste like? Am I alive? Or am I just living? Do we truly survive? Or do we sink? Or do we sink to the bottom of our minds? I've got lucid eyes I stocked up on ropes and flies And burned them to the ground I've seen through your disguise All heads are filled with lies But I can see who you're gonna be Lucid eyes Poor disguise
Planet Zero 02:51
We are, we are what we've always been Completely blind and obsessed by sin We are, we are the same flesh and blood We rape and we murder for an imaginary cause I am afraid of people who just let the world go by Fuck those bastards who decide if we live or die Don't close your eyes cause it has always been like this God can't be real just deal with it How much longer can we tolerate this shit? Fuck religion and everything that comes with it I do beleve it has destroyed the world The earth is a blessing, mankind is a curse Child molesters, rapists, murderers and thieves All for the sake of life after this We are, we are what we've always been We are, we are fucked up within Mankind is always so deep down in it's own beliefs I believe that doubt is the way we should feel Human history is a series of catastrophic events Look in the mirror and think about if your everyday faithfulness Is worth all the million lives it wiped out We have to grow up or die We're planet zero God I know you're not there
Damaged 05:02
Torn are the walls of yesterday Did you ever feel like your life was thrown away? I hold nothing back in case you leave So we have secrets in our dreams Lonely cries Passing nights City lights Reflects your eyes Not sure how much of this I can take This is the last time I let you in So here we are just you and me To sum up all our injuries Remember stories only hearts could tell I don't need a roof over my head While I've got your hands To shade the sun away from my face Does it matter how my heart breaks? Everything is gone, everything have changed Does it matter how my heart breaks? Did you really need to go? Tear down those walls of yesterday Your life is not thrown away I hold nothing back in case you leave So we have no secrets in our dreams I guess there's not much we can do Cross our fingers and hope that you'll pull through Another sleepless night reminds me of where you are But where am I? You're on the other side of life I'm on the fucked up side of life I'm on the other side of life City lights Passing nights Every trail Is empty now Alone between the sky and the sea A forgotten island, that's what I'll be I can see it written in your eyes Your heart is a fortress My heart is a fortress Passing nights


released May 22, 2015

Recorded and mixed by Fred Hunger at Fvck Life Studios
Mastered by Eric Höjdén at Dead End Studios


all rights reserved



Crowsnest Västra Götaland, Sweden

From the west coast of Sweden, Crowsnest don’t like to compromise when it comes to their music. Ever since the band started, their goal has been to do something different, something that you won’t see in just any other band.

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